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I've accidentally deleted my blog so I'm re-constructing everything. Thank you so much for everyone who cared and refollowed, for everyone who promo'd me, for everyone who sent me kind messages. It means a lot and I'm really really happy with what you did guys. It makes me emotional and cry knowing people cares about me. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! ❤
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Remember, we love you and we are here for you. ❤
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Alright, let us try this. Let’s see if my followers are really active, wants a small game and are willing to help.

Follow any of these blogs, the more you follow, the more fansigns I’ll send you. I’ll match it! Like let’s say you follow three then I’ll give you three fansigns! Easy as that! 

PS: Please don’t unfollow after, that is rude**

Oh yeah, let me know who you followed via message. :)

and please activate your submit button (you can find it on your settings below ask.

Continue following guys, I’ll submit your fansigns soon. Added two more on the bottom and this will run for a week. So the whole week I’m giving fansigns to those who will follow them. :D

❝There are certain
that will always
taste like regret and
stomach acid
on my tongue.❞
Anonymous said: You are super lovely and sweet, I'm glad you're here!

Thanks anon! I’m glad you appreciate me being alive. Rest assure I’ll try to live my life for people like you who cares. I’m also glad of your existence. :D

send me some lovely anons, please? 

smellslikecoffe said: well, your name is perfect (angelica opr angie are both perfect) and your blog is perfectly amazing ft wonderful. my background image is from your other tumb (i put credits on my "more" page ofc) and i think you are beautiful and your hair looks perf, i like him a lot. have a nice day *anon* x

OMG! Thank you so much even if this is not on anon but this is overwhelming. :) I honestly love my name despite it very much overused in my country.

I’m also very happy that someone is actually using one of the watercolor images I uploaded. You even placed a credit, it is amazing. I’m really very happy! Teary-eyed at the moment because of such kindness and appreciation. :D

Thank you for complimenting me on how I look. I don’t get that a lot and everytime it makes me shy. Have a nice day too sweetheart! <3

send me some lovely anons, please? 

Anonymous said: you are one of the kindest people i know. xx

Awwww! Thank you so much! I try my best and I’m glad you think that way of me. xx

send me some lovely anons, please? 

Anonymous said: I love your tumblr so so much, is one of my favorites <3

Thank youuuu! That means a lot. This makes me very happy. :3

send me some lovely anons, please? 

send me some lovely anons, please?